Introduzione alla ricerca nelle scienze umane e sociali – Monografico

Corso svolto a Vienna


What is empiricism? What is research or science? What is empirical human and social re-search?

Methods of scientific conclusions;

What does “cognitive interest” mean? (including prior assumptions and prerequisites of scien-tific research)

What is a research problem?

Discussion of concrete research examples (Marienthal Study; comparative studies from the 1930s – The Gang & The Taxi Dance Hall)

The role of fear in research: Georges Devereux

Introduction to Ethnomethodology

Goffman’s theory on social roles and role distance

Course objectives

Students are aware of the (philosophical) prior assumptions and prerequisites of empirical research.

Course outcomes

Students gain a basic understanding of the concept of scientific experience. They are furthermore – in close contact with the Scientific Working Methods course – introduced to the formulation of one of the first major pro-seminar projects.