Psicobiologia e psicofarmacologia

Corso svolto a Vienna

Course description

The course will explore the connections between biological, particularly physiological processes of the brain, psychological processes, and behavioral performance. Topics will include methods of cognitive neuroscience; neuranatomy; neurophysiology with special attention to the mechanisms of psychotropic drugs; selected topics on the neuropsychology of the perceptual and motor systems; attention and altered states of consciousness (hypnosis); learning and memory; emotions and stress.
The exercise part consists of a lecture in functional neuranatomy and will be presented as a lecture using computers.


As a result of this lecture, students will have gained a wide knowledge of clinically relevant aspects of biological and especially neuroscientific methods and research results.
By means of the practical exercises, students will aquire an in-depth understanding of how to locate brain structures and thus understand functions via three-dimensional footage.

Grade evaluation

Written examination.


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Further literature will be indicated during the classes.