Classici della psicologia


The aim of the course is to critically review the literature on psychology by directly studying selected works by some of the most distinguished figures in psychology from the mid-19th century onwards. The writers in question are: G.T. Fechner, W. Wundt, W. Köhler, M. Wertheimer, S. Freud, W. James, J.B. Watson, B.F. Skinner, L.S. Vygotskij, J. Piaget

Course Aims

To become familiar with the vocabulary of psychology

To critically and interactively analyse the theoretical notions and concepts of leading writers on the subject by reading excerpts from their most important works.

Learn to read, analyse and discuss classical writings on psychology.

Understand the main grounding epistemological visions of modern psychological science


Oral examination: students will write a paper in the for form of a PPT (Group paper) with each student making their own individual contribution on aspects related to the chosen subject

Reading List

Dazzi, Mecacci (2001). Storia antologica della psicologia. Giunti, Florence.

PDF articles handed out during the course.

Slides shown during the course.