Esercitazioni: Sviluppo personale


Theoretical principles and assumptions of experiential models
Practical exercises
Theoretical references to the infrastructure and development of groups
Fundamentals of communication and assertiveness
Work on students’ own material
Learning and practising “all-encompassing” skills: active listening, empathy, confrontation

Course Aims

The aim of the course is to provide students with tools and skills for developing an awareness of themselves, their own means of functioning, and the psychological resources and ability to think about themselves. Special attention is focused on group dynamics and how they develop that should progress in unison with the students’ own personal growth. The group is taken as a “testing ground” and safe place in which to acquire and practice the communication skills and all-encompassing abilities (listening, questioning, confronting) required for working as a psychologist. The program involves active student participation through a combination of experiential sessions, moments of reflection and further theoretical studies to help students focus on their own vulnerable points and resources.

Expected Results

Students are taught how to observe themselves and recognise their own resources and difficulties.  A welcoming and non-judgemental atmosphere is created within the group and interpersonal class dynamics will also be studied and analysed.


The teacher will assess each individual student’s personal contribution (grading: “actively participates” vs “does not actively participate).