Alumni SFU: our graduate network

We had an idea

The Alumni SFU Association was born in 2022 from the idea promoted and supported by Sigmund Freud University of Milan to create a network among all those who graduated at SFU Milan, fostering a path of personal and professional growth. The goal is to create a physical and virtual space that, through the link between graduates, students and SFU members, provides Alumni with resources and opportunities to increase their continuous training and develop their career.

Our Mission

The Association’s mission is to create a community that fosters the continuous personal and professional growth of Alumni who have been trained within Sigmund Freud University in Milan, and that promotes their proactive contribution within society. The Association therefore intends to enhance and increase the best skills of Alumni so that they can become a positive energy for society.

The Association proposes, therefore, to create a network through which encouraging development and sharing of experiences, relationships, knowledge and skills, so that Alumni can continue to recognize the University as a point of reference in their post-university life, both personal and professional.

Within the Statute of the Association it is possible to view in detail the purpose and activities that Alumni SFU intends to pursue.

A network of people

The Alumni SFU Association intends to build a wide network of graduates based on solid values:

  • Sense of Belonging to the Sigmund Freud University of Milan, to the Alumni SFU community and to the society in which we live.
  • Sharing of experiences, knowledge, skills, opportunities and professional and cultural relationships.
  • Proactive commitment within society and towards the Association and the University.
  • Equal opportunities in the field of training and within the job market, to promote the realization of one’s own path of personal and professional growth.
  • Responsibility towards the internal and external community of Alumni SFU.

Alumni SFU Organs

The Association is composed of:

  • The Assembly of Members, composed of all Alumni enrolled in the Association, which uses the services offered by Alumni SFU and actively contributes by proposing activities to be implemented.
  • The Board of Directors, composed of the Director of the Office, Eng. Fabrizio Saltini, the Deputy Director of the Department of Psychology, Prof. Simona Scaini, the Marketing Manager, Dr. Deborah Dana and the Alumni SFU Association Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Davide Giacconi. The Board of Directors is aligned with the principles and activities of Sigmund Freud University, which indicates the guidelines and verifies the achievement of the objectives of the Association.
  • The Operational Management, which deals with the management and provision of the services offered by the Association.

What we do – Our Virtual Campus

We have created a Virtual Campus that includes all the opportunities and services offered by the Alumni SFU Association. It is a place where you can find useful resources for everyday life as Alumni, to increase your training and enter the working world. Members of the Association will be able to collect their name badge that will allow access to the various services and facilities.

Learning Opportunities

We provide and deliver courses, meetings, seminars created ad hoc to meet and respond to the interests and needs of all Alumni. Members of the Association are called to propose ideas and provide suggestions on the implementation of new training courses. Together we will build a stimulating environment for the continuous growth of graduates of Sigmund Freud University of Milan. We would like to propose meetings with:

  • Psychologists, psychotherapists and researchers, coming from different working fields, who will present their experience and provide practical suggestions on how Alumni should move to pursue their career.
  • Labor consultants and other professionals to discuss the fiscal, economic and legislative aspects of the profession (for example, the opening of the VAT number).
  • Alumni expert in specific sectors to dialogue and discuss among peers.

Topic Group

Alumni SFU promotes the creation of Topic Groups: groups of Alumni interested in specific fields. Joining a Topic Group means having the opportunity to network with colleagues who work in the same field as you, discuss issues of interest to the group and carry out initiatives in this regard. The Topic Groups currently active are the following:

  • Topic Group Sexuality
  • Topic Group Psycho-oncology
  • Topic Group Wellness

Contact to express your interest in joining a Topic Group or your willingness to start a new working group.

Research Opportunities

The research laboratories active within the Sigmund Freud University of Milan open their doors to Alumni interested in becoming part of a research team. Members of the Association are given the opportunity to contribute, on a voluntary basis, to one or more research projects carried out by each laboratory. Alumni who finish the number of hours defined in advance with the head of the lab, will be issued a certificate of participation. In addition, this becomes a place to create working groups and unite people interested in the same field of research.  Contact to express your desire to join a research group and we will explain the next steps to take.

Career advice

The goal of Career Advice is to support Alumni at every stage of their careers.  The service is aimed at acquiring useful notions to pursue a career in psychology in Italy or abroad and aims to promote the acquisition and growth of the self-efficacy of Alumni within the job market. This service is developed in two ways:

  • Ask a Peer: if you want to ask for advice from other recent graduates or new psychologists to take your first steps in post-university and work life. They will tell you about their experience and accompany you in the search for technical, organizational, practical and orientation information for your studies. Write to to ask your question.
  • Mentorship: if you want to receive advice and have a dialogue with an experienced professional about your career path, in the field of your interest. The Mentors are Professors of Sigmund Freud University who have made themselves available for the service. Write to, explain what topics you would like to touch on and we will arrange a meeting with the Mentor that suits you best.


All Alumni are offered the opportunity to take advantage of specific agreements with restaurants, bars, bookshops and cultural venues in the Milan area. By clicking on the banner below, you can view all the advantages you can benefit from and how to use them.



Here you will find the events we will organize together.


We are looking for people interested in collaborating with the Operational Management of the Alumni SFU Association for contents creation, events organization and much more. If you are interested, contact to apply!

Join Alumni SFU

  • How to register? To join the Association and become an Alumni Member, just fill out the form!  Joining the association is free.
  • Who can register? All former students, who have obtained a Bachelor and / or Master degree, and PhD candidates of Sigmund Freud University of Milan. All Alumni Members have the right to participate in the Assembly of Members.
  • Why become an Alumni Member? Discover the services offered by the Association. Once registered, you can also propose ideas and activities to be implemented.

Read the Statute