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SFU Milano is no longer accepting new applications for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree of the academic year 2022-23

Come and enrol at SFU, an international University with a state-of-the-art education programme combining rigorous scientific training and a career-orientated approach focused around immediate employment in the working world.
Discover all the opportunities Sigmund Freud University has to offer through its exclusive approach that allows all students to be followed on a step-by-step basis.

Apply for all the information you require to enrol on the Bachelor’s and Master’s courses in Psychology at Sigmund Freud University in Milan. SFU trains you for a career in the profession and the various other fields in which you can work as a psychologist: find out what openings and opportunities you will have after graduating.

The free #aTUperSFU service

Take a look at our student guidance service to find out all about SFU Milan. You will have the chance to talk to students, visit the campus and receive detailed information about our education programme, courses and teaching methods. You can book an appointment right now through the website. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about our university!

Job opportunities

Nowadays being a Psychologist requires all kinds of expertise. SFU will tell you all about the career opportunities open to a graduate in Psychology from SFU Milan!

Planning to apply for an admissions interview?
Here is what you need:

  • Your documents and qualifications

    Valid identity card, Tax Code, School-leaving certificate and final grades, possible English language certificate B2 or higher.

  • Proof of payment of fee for admissions interview

    A copy of the receipt for paying the fee of € 100 (plus tax stamps) for your admissions interview.

  • Motivation letter

    We would like you to send us a motivation letter to explain why you should be one of the limited number of students accepted to enrol in our Faculty.

  • Check your diary

    It only takes a click to book an admissions interview when it suits you.