Health Psychology


At the end of the course students will obtain:

  • knowledge of the theoretical bases of Health Psychology
  • mastery of the concepts of physical and mental health from an evolutionary perspective
  • practical tools for the application of knowledge in different healthcare fields


The course aims to develop psychological knowledge and skills for managing the relationship between individual/health/illness in different healthcare settings.

In particular, the following will be explored:

  • the theoretical basis of the subject: an interdisciplinary approach;
  • the relationship between physical health, mental health and disease from an evolutionary perspective;
  • the concept of health from the biomedical model to the biopsychosocial model;
  • the role of the psychologist in healthcare organizations – perspectives and opportunities.

The alternation of lessons with theoretical content and presentation of practical examples/cases, exercises and testimonies of professionals in the healthcare sector is expected.


The exam will take place in oral form.

Participation and degree of interest/involvement during the lessons will be evaluated together with knowledge of the material provided during the course and one of the texts in the bibliography (individual choice).


  • Braibanti P., Ripensare la salute, Franco Angeli, Milano, 2015.
  • De Piccoli N., Salute e qualità della vita nella società del benessere. Carrocci, 2014.