Digital Psychology and Psychotherapy


The objectives of the course are to provide students with:

  • Knowledge of the main and most recent lines of research in e-therapy.
  • Skills in the most relevant use of digital tools with clinical and non-clinical populations to increase psychological well being and the outcomes of psychological interventions


The aim of the course is to introduce the student to the field of digitalisation in clinical psychology and psychotherapy, in its potential and limits.

In particular, after a brief historical review, will be provided content on the main and most recent empirical research supporting the effectiveness of the implementation of online interventions for the prevention, treatment and monitoring of specific psychological disorders.

We will be presented technological resources, solutions and methods that can be used for mental health and emotional, cognitive and behavioural support in the psychological and psychotherapeutic field.

Finally, indications and examples will be provided on how to remotely conduct psychological interventions in compliance with current clinical protocols, privacy protection laws and the most recent national and international treatment guidelines.


The evaluation will consist of an oral exam to verify the knowledge learned.


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Altro materiale verrà fornito agli studenti nel corso delle lezioni