Lorenzo Desideri

Professor in Psychology and Artificial Intelligence, Sigmund Freud University (Milan). Second level degree (specialization) in Health psychology and PhD in Technology in Care.

Lorenzo Desideri is a senior researcher and consultant at the WeCareMore Research & Innovation Center of AIAS Bologna and the Bologna Regional Center for Assistive Technology. His work is dedicated to improving people’s lives through the use of assistive and digital technologies, with a particular focus on emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and social robotics.

He is currently the coordinator of a project for the creation of specialized centers in assistive technologies for UNICEF in Serbia and serves as the chair of one of the Working Groups of the ‘Global Network for Measuring Access to Assistive Technology’ of the World Health Organization. He is also a consultant for the UNESCO Institute of Information Technology in Education (IITE).

He obtained a master’s degree in Applied Cognitive Psychology and a specialization in Health Psychology at the University of Bologna, as well as a PhD in Technology in Care at Maastricht University, Netherlands. He has been teaching at university courses since 2014, dealing with the interaction between technology, environment, and thought. He serves as an associate editor for the journals “RESNA Assistive Technology” and “Disability & Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology”.

Research interests

Human-robot interaction in health and educational settings

Artificial intelligence and human behavior

Assistive technology and disability

Digital health and innovation in clinical services


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