Esercitazioni di psicologia sperimentale I


The scientific method in psychology
The aims of the scientific method
Measuring in psychology
The method of creating a psychological test
Clinical research (sampling and study designs)

Course Aims

Scientific work methods in psychology have always been considered a marginal secondary aspect compared to clinical work. In actual fact, a knowledge and understanding of the scientific method in psychology and its work methods does not just allow researchers to conceptualise their research problems more effectively, they also allow clinicians to practice better.

The aim of the course is to outline the basis of a research method in psychology and how this can be applied in a clinical setting. This will provide students with a better understanding of the importance of research in psychology, teach them how to understand the structure of a piece of scientific writing, and develop a critical approach to guide them in their future professional careers in future.


A written examination involving a critical analysis of an article written in English

Reading list

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A.E. Kazdin. Metodologia della ricerca in psicologia. Editore: Pearson (2018)