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Gabriele Caselli, PhD


Matilde Buattini, Msc

Enrica Gaetano, Msc

Silvia Grazioli, MSc

Carlotta Olivari, Msc

Dalila Torres, Msc

Research area and primary aims:

The MeThe Research Lab has at its core interest the development of research projects aiming at deepening knowledge of psychopathology and psychotherapy processes within the theoretical framework of the Self-Regulatory Executive Function (S-REF) Theory. S-REF is a relatively new evidence-based model of human cognitive and affective self-regulation, developed by Adrian Wells and Gerald Matthews (1994). The S-REF theory emphasises the importance of the processes which generate, monitor and maintain cognitions, rather than focusing upon the content of cognitions. Individuals are understood to select and implement coping plans based on metacognitive beliefs which may focus attention towards disorder congruent information or lead to the selection of unhelpful coping styles. The S-REF theory has led to the development of Metacognitive Therapy (MCT) a new kind of approach to treat psychological disorders with both disorder-specific and transdiagnostic treatment plans (Wells, 2009).
Our lab activity includes reasearch on both theoretical foundations of S-REF model and its potential new applications in the clinical field.

Areas of interest:

  • MCT for alcohol use disorders and addictive behaviours
  • Metacognitive model of impulsivity and emotional dysregulation
  • MCT for anxiety and depressive disorders

Running projects:

TitleSfu Staff (Head)TimelineStatus and Fund
MCT for Gambling DisorderCaselli2024-Running
Metacognitive beliefs, attentional bias and rejection sensitivity in BPDGaetano, Caselli2019-Running
Metacognitions and female sexual dysfunctionsOlivari, Caselli2019-Running
Public Self-Consciousness and Narcissistic Personality DisorderCaselli2021-Running
MCT and emotional dysregulationCaselli2018Running
Metacognitions across personality domainsCaselli2018-Running
Metacognitive beliefs and impulsivenessCaselli2018-Running

Research Cooperation Partners:

  1. Prof. Adrian Wells – University of Manchester, Metacognitive Therapy Institute
  2. Prof. Marcantonio M. Spada – School of Applied Science, London South Bank University, London, UK
  3. Ana V. Nikcevic – Kingston University, London, UK
  4. Francesca Martino – Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences DIMEC, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy
  5. Claudia Marino, PhD – University of Padua
  6. Giovanni Mansueto – University of Florence


Gabriele Caselli, PhD
phone: +39 02 83241854