Arianna Belloli

Psychologist, Lecturer in the Bachelor's degree program at SFU Milan

Psychologist and psychotherapist in training at “Cognitive Psychotherapy and Research – Cognitive Studies” in Milan and psychotherapist in training at the department of bariatric surgery at ASST FATEBENEFRATELLI SACCO (A.O Fatebenefratelli), where she is involved in clinical and research activities in the area of obesity.

She graduated with honors in Clinical Psychology, in July 2020, at the Sigmund Freud University in Milan, with a thesis entitled “Cognitive Remediation Therapy and transcranial Direct Current Stimulation for anorexia and bulimia nervosa: a combined application to implement cognitive flexibility.”

She began her Ph.D. in Psychology (Ph.D.) in October 2021 at the Vienna branch of Sigmund Freud University with a research project focused on the treatment of eating disorders, in collaboration with CLINICHE ITALIANE DI PSICOTERAPIA – Disturbi Alimentari (Milan Navigli), where she did her professional internship and currently works as a psychologist. Concurrently, she earned an advanced master’s degree on the treatment and prevention of eating disorders and obesity (Enhanced Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, CBT-E).

Since October 2021, she has been collaborating with SFU Milan for research, tutoring and lecturer.


Interessi di ricerca

– Disturbi della Nutrizione e dell’Alimentazione (DA): valutazione e trattamento

– Obesità: valutazione del profilo psicologico del paziente con obesità e della candidabilità all’iter di chirurgia bariatrica

– Psicoterapia cognitivo-comportamentale

Pubblicazioni rilevanti

Belloli, A., Saccaro, L.F., Landi, P., Spera, M., Zappa, M.A., Dell’Osso, B., Rutigliano, G. (2024). Emotion regulation mediates the relationship between pathological eating styles and psychopathological traits in bariatric surgery candidates. Frontiers In Psychiatry
(Under Review).

Scaini, S., Caputi, M., Belloli, A., Forresi, B. (2024). The Role of Temperament Style, Parental Care, and Overprotection in Predicting Coping Strategies in Adolescence. The Journal of Genetic Psychology (Under Review).

Since 2020, author of articles on State of Mind

Belloli, A. (2019). Eziologia dei disturbi alimentari psicogeni. In Eziologia dei disturbi psichici (Allievi Sigmund Freud University sede di Milano, a cura di Francesco Rovetto, pp. 115-132; vol. III). Independently published.