Conversational Guidance


Upon finishing the course, students will have developed the knowledge and skills required to conduct a psychological interview, following the principles of functional communication and active listening.
They will have gained self-awareness regarding their limitations and strengths, along with acquiring strategies and techniques to adeptly handle relational aspects within the psychological interview.


The course is designed to develop core professional skills related to psychological interviewing within the context of supportive relationships.

In the first module, students will learn the basics of active listening and functional communication.
A segment of the course will focus on identifying barriers that might hinder functional communication for each student, both in terms of content and relationships. Special attention will be given to increasing awareness of personal barriers and learning effective strategies to manage them, ensuring they don’t impede the professional practice.

In the second module, students will grasp the fundamentals of interpersonal effectiveness and assertiveness, drawing primarily from their own personal experiences. Further attention will be paid to understanding how these skills can be applied in a professional setting.

The teaching methodology will predominantly involve practical exercises in small groups or pairs under the supervision of the professor.


Instructions will be provided during the first session of the course.


Instructions will be provided during the first session of the course.