Luca Daminato

Psychologist, Sexologist, Lecturer of the Bachelor's Degree Course at SFU Milan

Psychologist, Ph.D. candidate, and resident in third-generation psychotherapies (e.g., ACT) at ASCCO – Academy of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences in Parma.

In 2019 he graduated in Psychology at Sigmund Freud University (Milan) with a thesis entitled “Essential Characteristics of a Pathological Casanova: How Many Times?”, a systematic review of the literature on hypersexuality or, as more recently defined, compulsive sexual behavior disorder.

In 2021 he graduated in Psychology at Sigmund Freud University (Milan) with a thesis titled “Temporal fluctuation in Rejection Sensitivity among Italian Gays: a comprehensive model,” in which the temporal fluctuation of rejection sensitivity in a sample of gay boys was assessed using the Ecological Momentary Assessment.

In the same year he began his Ph.D. at Sigmund Freud University in Vienna with a research project on body perception in the non-binary population entitled “Embodied cognition and gender identity in non-binary and gender-fluid individuals.”

Since October 2021 he has been collaborating with SFU Milan with research, guidance, educational tutoring and conducting lectures, mainly on the topic of sexuality. In the same year he began conducting events on sexuality at SFU Milan and in collaboration with SITCC Lombardia.

Since 2023 has been collaborating as a psychologist and sexologist with the Cliniche Italiane di Psicoterapia – Età Evolutiva in Milan, and is active in projects on affectivity and sexuality education with the AIED counseling center in Bolzano. He also works as a freelancer and at the miosessuologo platform.

Research interests

Sexuality (sexual disorders, paraphilias, and paraphilic disorders)

Minority stress in the LGBTQIA+ population

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy


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