Alice Savoia

Psychologist, Ph.D. candidate in Psychology, Psychotherapist in training, Lecturer in the Bachelor's Degree Program at SFU Milan

Psychologist and psychotherapist in training at the graduate school Academy of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences (ASCCO), directed by Professor Paolo Moderato, in Parma.

She graduates in Psychological Science and Techniques in 2018 and in Clinical Psychology in 2020 at Sigmund Freud University, Milan branch.

In 2021, she obtained a Master’s degree in Perinatal Psychology and Physiology and began a PhD in Psychology at the Vienna branch of Sigmund Freud University. The research project is aimed at evaluating a protocol based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy principles for the primary prevention of Postpartum Depression.

She conducts educational tutoring and guidance for students and collaborates with the Contextual Behavioral Science research lab (CBS-SFU Lab) directed by Professor Annalisa Oppo at Sigmund Freud University, Milan branch.

Finally, since 2024, she has started his clinical activity.

Research interests

Perinatal psychology

Psychopathology of the perinatal period

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy