Work, organisational and business psychology


Provide course students with knowledge of the historical evolution of work and organisational psychology. Transmit the epistemological bases of psychology applied to production systems, whether of goods or services. Provide students with the ability to distinguish the different areas of intervention in work psychology, organisations, human resources and training. Introduce the main tools and methods of intervention of the work and organization psychologist.


Unità didattica 1
Titolo: history of work and organisational psychology
Obiettivi: To know the development phases of psychology applied to production systems (goods and/or services)
Contenuti: the advent of psychotechnics and its formation: Taylorism; the rationalisation of work: Fordism and Fayolism; the first criticisms of the scientific organisation of work; the birth of human relationships: Elton Mayo; individuals and organisations: Lewin and Argyris; Modern theorists: McGregor, McClelland, Maslow, Hertzberg, Likert.

Unità didattica 2
Titolo: introduction to the psychology of work, organisations, human resources and training
Obiettivi: distinguish the areas of intervention of each discipline
Contenuti: work psychology, history and areas of interest; organisational psychology history and areas of interest; Human resources psychology history and areas of interest; educational psychology, history and areas of interest.

Unità didattica 3
Titolo: areas of intervention of work psychology
Obiettivi: understand what areas the occupational psychologist is responsible for
Contenuti: the motivation; job satisfaction; soft skills; health and safety in the workplace; stress and occupational health psychology.

Unità didattica 4
Titolo: areas of intervention of organisational psychology
Obiettivi: understand what the areas of responsibility of the organisational psychologist are
Contenuti: the corporate culture; the corporate climate; leadership; the corporate communication.

Unità didattica 5
Titolo: the profession of work and organisational psychologist
Obiettivi: know the fields of use of the profession
Contenuti: professional organisations; journals and conferences of the work and organisational psychologist; the world of work and globalisation.


Written exam, oral exam


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4. Dispense PDF messe a disposizione dei discenti durante le lezioni

5. PPT messe a disposizione dei discenti durante le lezioni