Carlotta Olivari

Psychologist, Lecturer of the Bachelor's degree Course at SFU Milan

Clinical psychologist and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist in training at the “Studi Cognitivi” specialization school in Milan.

She graduated with honors in Clinical Psychology in July 2019 at the Sigmund Freud University of Milan.

In June 2020 she obtained a specialization master’s degree in Clinical Sexology and Couple Counseling (Italian Society of Sexology and Sexual Education – S.I.S.E.S.).

She starts her PhD in Psychology (Ph.D.) in October 2020 at the Sigmund Freud University – Vienna branch with a research project focused on metacognition and female sexual dysfunctions. MeThe Lab affiliation. Advisor: Gabriele Caselli

Since March 2021 she has been registered in the Register of psychologists of Lombardy, n ° 23652.

Since March 2021 she has been carrying out educational tutoring activities for students.

Since March 2023 you have been teaching the course “Techniques of the Psychological Interview” at the Three-year Degree Course in Psychological Sciences and Techniques of the Sigmund Freud University in Milan.

She carries out clinical work as an in-office and online psychologist.

Research interests

– Metacognition
– Sexology
– Female sexual dysfunctions
– Cognitive processes of brooding and rumination
– Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy

Participation in conferences

As speaker: 4-5 November 2022, Florence. 1st CBT-Italy National Congress


Di Cugno, M. D., Oppo, A., Olivari, C., & Caselli, G. (2022). Wishful thinking and compulsive symptoms: an exploratory investigation. Cognitive and Behavioral Psychotherapy, 28(1).

Giani, L., & Olivari, C. (2022). University and Higher Education: a Clockwork in Perpetual Motion. Human Arenas, 1-9.