Tecniche di negoziazione

Corso svolto a Vienna


Development of basic competencies in moderation/facilitation and presentation with practice-relevant inputs, case studies, experience-oriented exercises, scenarios

Learning results/Aims

  • Facilitator role, neutral process steering
  • Basic techniques of moderation/facilitation: metaplan, flipchart, presentation
  • Translating aims into concrete process steps
  • Planning, implementation and evaluation of facilitation processes
  • Steering of group processes
  • Important design factors for the planning, implementation and follow-up of presentations
  • Self-presentation
  • Deepening of further facilitation methods and tools
  • Implementation of further moderations
  • Dealing with difficult meeting and moderation situations
  • Basics of team steering, team clock
  • Dealing with difficult team situations

Assessed performances

  • Preparing and implementing situations of moderation from the perspective of participants and moderator/facilitator
  • Preparing and implementing a self-presentation with subsequent reflection
  • Moderating a difficult situation
  • Active participation during the entire experience-oriented event


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  • Sibbet, David: Visual Meetings: How graphics, sticky notes and idea mapping can transform group productivity. John Wiley and Sons 2010