Psicologia generale II

Corso svolto a Vienna


The contents of this lecture may change from one academic year to the next. The higher level objective is to present approaches and directions that recognize the psychologically examined subject matter dealt with in the first part of the lecture as historically and culturally given. This lecture has thus far been presented in the 2009 and 2010 semesters, focusing on a critical analysis of the subject concept in psychology.

The following theoretical concepts were discussed:

  • Marcel Mauss: The Gift;
  • Introduction to Structuralism: Claude Lévi-Strauss;
  • Michel Foucault: Madness and Civilization;
  • From Archeology of Knowledge to Genealogy of Power;
  • On overcoming objectivism: Pierre Bourdieu;
  • On the sociogenesis of the superego: Norbert Elias;
  • “Wrong life cannot be lived rightly” – An introduction to critical theory.

Course objectives

The General Psychology II lecture offers students an overview of theoretical and research traditions, the knowledge of which being essential to understanding cultural study approaches to psychology. The students learn to orient themselves among different interdisciplinary theoretical approaches and to understand their implications for further cultural psychology developments.

Course outcomes

Achievement of the course objectives is tested in a written final exam. Students are expected to demonstrate their grasp of the material and ability to deliver a brief and concise description.