> INSPIRE Lab (Inclusive Network for Sport, Personal growth, envIronmental health and Research)


Walter Sapuppo, Psy.D.


Regina Gregori Grgič, PhD

Giovanni Michelini, PhD

Davide Giacconi, M.Sc

Claudia Maria Mineo, M.Sc

Daniele Saccenti, M.Sc

External Collaborations:

Alessia Federiconi, M.Sc.

Alice Ratcliffe, B.Sc

Margherita Boltri, M.Sc

Marco La Marra, PhD

Research area and primary aims:

Our research area focuses on the environmental health aspects related to sport. Specifically, our lab fosters research on the following topics: promoting social inclusion, physical, emotional and social well being through sport . Our projects will entail a collaborative framework involving sports and social stakeholders, with the aim of contributing significantly to the proficient planning, execution, and extended the social influence of projects.

Running projects:

TitleSfu StaffTimelineStatus and Fund
Sport psychology: training and research interventions between ASD Rugby Milano and Sigmund Freud University MilanoSapuppo, W.2022-presentRunning project (SFU Milan)
Quality of Life, emotional, cognitive characteristics and coping strategies in women enrolled in the “ElevateHer” ProjectSapuppo, W.2023-presentRunning project (SFU Milan)

Clinical Cooperations:

  • Studi Cognitivi, Cognitive Psychotherapy School and Research Center, 20121 Milan, Italy


Walter Sapuppo
phone: +39 02 83241854