> TRAIL – Trauma, Resilience and Adjustment – Investigation Lab


Barbara Forresi, PhD


Annalisa Oppo

Mattia Ferro, PhD

Simona Scaini, PhD

Marco Cavicchioli, PhD

Daniele Saccenti

Alice Barbieri

Alberto Misitano

Sofia Colombo

External collaborators:

Karestan Koenen – Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public (Boston, USA)

Jacopo Lamanna –Vita-Salute San Raffaele University (Milan-Italy)

Andrea Moro – Vita-Salute San Raffaele University (Milan – Italy)

Margherita Boltri – Auxologico (Milan – Italy)

Luisa Morello – PhD Fellow – University of Stavanger

Research area and primary aims:

The Trauma, Resilience and Adjustment – Investigation Lab (TRAIL) aims to provide a reference point for observational and intervention research on the process of adjustment to psychological trauma (individual and collective) in different life stages. The aim of the collaborators, coming from different disciplinary areas, is to provide a better understanding of the complexity of post-trauma recovery, characterized by the co-occurring of mental and physical health challenges. The process of adjustment will be investigated through a developmental, contextual, and neuroscientific approach (using both human and animal models). The focus will be placed not only on bio-psycho-social factors and mechanisms intervening prior or following trauma exposure, but also on contexts in which individuals are placed at the time of the event. Network analysis will be used to enhance the understanding of post traumatic symptoms models. The effectiveness of innovative treatments (including “third wave” CBT and non-trauma focused therapies), transdiagnostic interventions and treatment components will be explored.

Running project:

TitleStaffStatus and Fund
Trauma and agingBarbara Forresi &
Margherita Boltri
(with the ON TRAumatiC stress and ageing: a global networK - ON TRACK)
Ongoing – no funds
The impact of natural disasters on children, adolescents and parentsForresi B.,
Righi E.,
Scaini S.,
Caputi M.
Ongoing – no funds
Novel Approaches for the Treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderSaccenti D.,
Lodi L,
Moro AS,
Scaini S,
Forresi B,
Lamanna J,
Ferro M.
Ongoing – no funds
Trajectories of PTSD after collective violence eventsOppo A.,
Forresi B.,
Barbieri A.,
Koenen K.
Ongoing – no funds
Psychological and physical outcome of bushfiresOppo A.,
Forresi B.,
Misitano A.,
Korte C.,
Koenen. K.
Child Maltreatment in the Family EnvironmentForresi B.,
Morello L.
Closed - no funds
Adolescents' psychological difficulties during the COVID-19 PandemicForresi B.,
Scaini S.,
Caputi M.,
Michelini G.,
Morello L.,
Nicolais G.
Closed - no funds


Barbara Forresi
phone: +39 02 83241854