Ruggiero, G. M, Caselli, G., Redaelli, C. A., & Sassaroli, S. (2017). Procedure e protocollo di terapia LIBET seconda parte: fasi del protocollo e caso clinic Antonia A.  Psicoterapia Cognitiva e Comportamentale,23(3), 331-344

The Life themes and plans, Implications of biased Beliefs: Elicitation and Treatment (LIBET) therapy protocol and its implementation in a clinical case are described. There is an assessment phase in which the model is shared with the client, a phase implementing a plan of therapeutic interventions and monitoring both emotional and behavioural improvements, and a final stage of discharge and followup. Antonia A. showed symptoms of generalised anxiety disorder focused on performance, adequacy, judgment of others, health and travelling fears. The LIBET model includes cognitive interventions on frustration intolerance and links them to the process of learning symptoms in relations with emotionally significant figures, within which a theme of inadequacy is processed, together with avoidance and perfectionistic control planning.